Robertson School of Government Alumni Reunion
Announcement #1 - January 2002

Dear 1997 Graduate:

We have set a date of September 1, 2002 for a multi-class reunion.  And the fun continues! Thanks to Rob Reverski for giving me the park name and telephone number, we are booked for Sunday, September 1st at the Little Island Park beach in Sandbridge. We have shelter #4 and our event is called "RSG Reunion - Class of 1997". The cost of the shelter is $80.00 and parking will be $1.00 with a Virginia Beach city tag or $4.00 otherwise. I will factor the cost of the shelter in with the picnic cost and get back to you with a total. I am trying to keep the cost to around $10 - $12 a person for the lunch. We will have the shelter all day, however, so please feel free to bring the family and hang out. There is a volleyball pit and a horse shoe pit by the shelter as well as beach access.

I went ahead and booked for Sunday so that anyone who needs to travel on Saturday can do so. Also, there may be a Rock & Roll Half Marathon in Virginia Beach (Pavilion, Pacific Avenue, Fort Pendleton, Atlantic Avenue, and finish on the boardwalk) that day, so picking the beach and getting the shelter booked was necessary. We are at Sandbridge, however, so we will be out of the maddening crowd.

Let me know if you have any suggestions, wishes, caveats, desire to help, you know, the usual. Also, please pass this email along to anyone fom our class who is not on the list, and cc me please so that I can add them.