CHS Fabulous Fifties Reunion
Announcement #2 - October 2001

CHS Fabulous 50ís Reunion - June 28, 29, 30, 2002

Dear 1958 Graduate:

Itís been a few months since my last letter, and I feel an update on our plans is in order.

We are working on a Friday night event for those who arrive in town early.  The Masonic temple appears to be the place at this time.  Saturday morning the High School will be open and coffee will be available in the cafeteria downstairs.

Saturday around 3 PM the festivities begin at Union County College.  We havenít planned the entire evening yet, but food and drink are a certainty.

Due to a general rise in the prices, we have set the cost at $70 per person.  I have indicated below how much you owe, if youíve already sent in a deposit.  There will be no money collected at the door.

Please view the "missing" list, and help me with any addresses you may know.

I hope to see the Class of Ď58 well represented.  This will also serve as our 45th Reunion celebration, as another in 2003 will probably not be in order.

Please feel free to email or call me if you have questions.



Missing Persons

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